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Founded in 2009, RapidFour was born as we started noticing an enormous need from some of our friends that owned small businesses; and the struggles they had finding the right company to help them build and maintain their web presence; while at the same time being trustworthy, affordable and reliable.

It was then when we decided to start getting involved in helping our community build their business websites. We realized how important it is for anyone managing their business to be able to dedicate all their time energy and focus on improving their business, not managing hosting, domains. We began to understand how helpful and beneficial it would be to build a company like RapidFour to service everyone’s needs in the Tampa Bay Area.

What’s RapidFour?

IT, Software, Support and Services

RapidFour is an entrepreneur company that build and design websites, helping other companies like ourselves to find the right tools to create the perfect site that fits your needs . We can layout and deliver a great quality product that our clients can feel proud displaying.


Working close with our clients is the key factor of success

We are dedicated to working close with you to provide the perfect site that will help your business to keep growing and be successful.

RapidFour gives your businesses the edge to compete in today’s internet marketplace. We’re here to give the solutions you need to connect with customers through your website, wherever they may be.